20th century African American singers

20th century African American singers by Steffany Sigue this story gives you information about African Americans like Marian Anderson and Mahalia Jackson and how there compared and contrast.

In the text it says that they “both went to a Baptist church and sang in the choir”. This citation proves that they both went to church and sang in the choir. Marian Anderson went to a Union Baptist church and sang in the choir. Mahalia Jackson went to a Salem Baptist church.

The author said “Marian Anderson only sang classical music”. Mahalia Jackson only sang gospel songs. This citation proves that they're different because Marian Anderson was a classical singer and had money problems. Mahalia Jackson was a gospel singer and sang at funerals.

Those are the similarities and differences between Marian Anderson and Mahalia Jackson. You can find this information on page 1,2 in the packet.

Inventing The Future

Inventing the future by Marfe Ferguson Delano gives you information about how Thomas Edison is one of America’s greatest inventors. Also how he was determined and never gave up when someone didn’t want to buy his invention.

One character trait that shows that Edison is a great inventor is that he never gave up. An example showing that he never gave up is that when someone didn’t buy his inventions he said “I will never make something that people don’t want to buy”. Which means he never gave up.

One more reason that Edison is a good inventor is that he said “Negative results are just what I want”. He said this because he wanted everyone to think bad about him so it can help want to work harder. Also to prove them wrong about what they were saying about him.

Another reason showing that he was a good inventor is he was determined to invent more and be one of the best inventors ever. Also he is determined because when his business failed he went back and started a new business. Also when people gave up on him he kept going.

those were some reasons that Thomas Edison was one of America’s best inventors.He invented the light bulb, the electric pen, the universal printer and many other things that made him a great inventor.