Civil Right Poems by Emmanuel

He was the first

Born January 31st

Starred at all sports

Served in the U.S. Army

He is an inspiration

He never gives up

like a bull trying to

hit its target

He was the first

Number 42

hits homeruns ball

Soaring farther and farther

into the sunlight

Ruby bridges

Ruby crying

Ruby dying

Ruby lying

Ruby smiling

Ruby praying

Ruby got it

Ruby nodded

Ruby obeyed

Ruby changed

the world

The Free Throw

I bounce the ball

three times





I feel the ripples

as it flows

through my fingers

then I set my feet

bend my knees

and I pray that it goes in

I throw the ball it

arcs through the

air hits the rim

one time

two times

and goes in

for the point

we win the


and walk out like angels